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19 April 2022

GREENWASHING: What does the term mean, and how do you recognise it

In the desire to attract the attention of those who are particularly attentive to the environment and man, The term Greenwashing indicates a communication strategy aimed at building a misleading image in terms of sustainability in all its meanings. How to recognise it?

If a company defines itself as sustainable, it is essential to understand if it is.
Find out its real purpose, whether the product or the company is really what they say they are, and whether it is sustainable at one stage or the whole production process. Are the certifications obtained by third parties verifiable? These are some of the questions that it is essential to ask ourselves.

In 2021, the European Commission estimated that 42% of online sales portals contain misleading or even false environmental information and for the fashion industry, this statistic rises to up to 60%.

At Ritex, we work every day to make our contribution to environmental sustainability for every fashion company that wants to engage in this. We then provide services and certificates of verified compliance as provided in the RTX Chemical Sustainability Management Systems protocols. E concrete tools allow companies in the Fashion and Clothing sector to communicate the commitment made to sustainability with truthfulness and transparency.